• Phase two of renovation plans and unit relocations at TidalHealth Nanticoke

    SEAFORD – TidalHealth Nanticoke will soon begin the second phase of a series of renovations to the fourth and fifth floors of the Seaford, Del. hospital that will result in the temporary relocation of two services at different times over the course of the next 24 to 36 months.

    The work to enhance the safety, appearance and delivery of healthcare will impact the Specialty Surgical and Robotics Unit (SSRU) and the Obstetrics Unit (OB).

    Phase one is complete with the SSRU now returning to its traditional fifth floor space. On or about Apr. 29 the OB unit and team will temporarily relocate to a new space on the first floor in the former Pediatrics Short Stay Unit (PSSU) and a portion of the Clinical Decision Unit (CDU B).

    The renovation project on the OB 4th floor unit is expected to last approximately one year. Once complete, a second temporary move of the SSRU back downstairs is scheduled while a final refurbishing of their permanent 5th floor unit is completed. At that time, the OB unit will return, permanently, to the 4th floor.

    TidalHealth will keep the community updated on the progress of the renovations and the timing of the second and third phases of the plan.

    While the renovations are underway, TidalHealth team members, including its Security officers, will be available to assist visitors in reaching the rooms of their loved ones, and signage will be posted reminding all visitors of the temporary changes.

    In each move, the healthcare teams of professionals working on those units will relocate with the patients, resulting in no lapse or change in the quality of care.

    TidalHealth apologizes for any inconvenience this may cause in the short term but looks forward to an improved healthcare experience for patients and their loved ones upon completion of the renovations.