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  • Message from 2019 Chairman of the the Board

    The Dorchester Chamber of Commerce operates under the principle that in order to have a strong community you must have a strong business community and to have a strong and growing business community you must have strong support from the community.   To that end we work to partner with other organizations in the County to develop and execute on plans that move us forward.  We are a strong and resilient community that has weathered hard times in the past but now is our time to grow and prosper.  We will continue the momentum we have experienced in recent years if we continue to work together toward common goals.

    We face challenges that are not all that different from those being seen throughout the Country but our location and size positions us well to tackle each one if we work together as a unified community.   Having a workforce ready to address the needs of our current and future members is a key issue I plan to focus on during my year as Chairman.  There is no single organization that has the ability to address this issue, therefore we can only experience measurable progress by having a concerted and coordinated effort by all concerned.   

    The Chamber is fully committed to be a partner in the execution of plans to move the County forward.  If you are already a member, we encourage you to engage with one or more of our committees to help accelerate progress.  If you are not a member learn more about us and join us to make a difference.  The larger our membership the stronger we are as a Chamber and as a result our impact on the business community can be even more significant.              

    I am honored to have been selected to be the 2019 Chairman of the Board for the Chamber and look forward to working with the Board of Directors and our members to continue to move the Chamber forward in pursuit of our Mission.

    Joel Bunde, Chairman