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  • Message from 2021 Chairman of the the Board

    As the Chamber of Commerce’s 100th Anniversary year commences, I am inspired by our community’s character, compassion, and resilience. By the incredible way citizens both coped - and contributed to others - during a global pandemic. Dorchester’s strength and spirit were our North Star in 2020.

    I am proud to serve as Chair during our Centennial year. I believe the Chamber is well positioned to be a resource during this economic recovery. I pledge to advocate for policies, programs, and positions that serve our members. From healthcare and education, to public-private partnerships, workforce development and networking, our centennial is aligned with a year of hope and renewal. 

    As a 30-year real estate professional, I’ve seen a revival of interest in our open country and rural communities. Young families, professionals and retirees recognize the distinct location and generous people who define Dorchester. Our natural landscape, abundant wildlife, scenic waterways, and cultural amenities offer respite - and invite joy.

    We chose to introduce our Board of Directors by asking them to share their connection to the county’s special places and hidden gems. You’ll meet a diverse group of business leaders who represent and reflect the best of what our community offers. We invite you to share your thoughts on an ideal day, a little-known destination or unique experience.  

    With a century of dedication to our community, I am reminded that “resilience is our ability to bounce back from the stresses of life … it’s not about avoiding the stress - but learning to thrive within it.”  I look forward to thriving with you in the year ahead.

    Sharon Spedden, Chairman