• Board of Directors

  • Jermaine Anderson
    Owner, Fig Funding Capital
    Founder Alpha Genesis Development Corp
    Liv Again ReWork Studios 

    Serving on the Chamber Board provides me with even more opportunities to give back to the community in which I live and work.



    Jermaine grew up in Cambridge where today he facilitates creative funding solutions for commercial and residential real estate acquisition and co-manages Alpha Genesis.

    How I do Dorchester: I am empowered by our unique African American history and culture. Every chance I get to share our unique story and community with the world, that’s what I do! I promote this jewel of a city all the time.

    Hidden Gem: Our small-town lifestyle!

    Water moves me to … find entrepreneurship opportunities (or nurture our undiscovered potential)


  • Scott Dorsey
    Engineer / Executive, Jedi Engineering/RAMS
    I agreed to join the Chamber board in order to better serve my community and support our local growth opportunities and to make Dorchester County the best that it can be.

    Scott’s career in the utility industry brought he and his family to the Mid-Atlantic in 2011 and to the Eastern Shore the following year.

    How I Do Dorchester. Many ways but the most prevalent are golfing and enjoying our surrounding waterways. There’s nothing like a warm summer day on the links at River Marsh or enjoying time “Making Bubbles” on the Honga River with friends. The Eastern Shore is a very special place to me, a hidden gem in this crazy world of ours. One of my favorite places to take out of town guests is Snapper’s Tiki Bar. You can’t beat great food and live music on the water!

    Hidden Gem? Our Civil War history, there’s much more here than most realize.

    Water moves me to … keep grinding 


  • Jonathan Forte
    Health Care Executive
    Choptank Community Health System


    Jonathan came to Maryland, by way of North Carolina, to help improve the health and well-being of our Mid-Shore.

    How I Do Dorchester. The Forte Family does Dorchester by waking up early and grabbing Bay Country Bakery goodies, then we’d head out for an adventure at Blackwater Refuge for a hike or out on the water via paddle board. On our way home, we always stop at Emily’s Produce to pick up something local and fresh for dinner. My favorite destination to take out of town guests is Hoopers Island. It is one of the best places to experience the Chesapeake Bay and all its bounty.

    Hidden Gem: Dedicated staff at Choptank Community Health System’s Fassett-Magee Health Center who provide residents with convenient access to exceptional medical and dental care.

    Water moves me to … Remember what’s truly important – Family


  • Brandon Hesson
    Director, Cambridge Center
    Chesapeake College
    I am committed to making Dorchester County a better place for residents and businesses to succeed, and there is no better way to advocate and create impactful change than by representing the community in the Chamber of Commerce.



    Brandon and his wife moved to Dorchester when they married in 2002. She worked in Salisbury and I worked in Easton so Cambridge was central.

    How I Do Dorchester. An ideal day off in Dorchester is coaching or volunteering youth sports. Over the past 10 years, I’ve coached baseball, basketball, soccer, and served on the advisory board for Dorchester Recreation and Parks, and as president for Cambridge Little League. I’ve seen the young boys and girls I’ve worked with turn into young men and women and realize how fortunate I am to be connected to another generation of regional leaders.

    My favorite places to take out of town guests are the restaurants and shops Downtown and on Route 50. Some of my favorite people also happen to make some of my favorite food (and beer), so we take every opportunity to visit local restaurants with guests.

    Hidden Gems: Old advertising on the sides of Downtown buildings communicating the rich history of business and unique public art like the Harriet Tubman and Cannery Way murals.

    Water moves me to … feel inspired

  • Troy Hill
    Manager, Sailwinds West
    The privilege of serving on the Chamber Board gives me the opportunity to work with talented individuals who wish to see Dorchester County grow and prosper.

    Troy started working in Cambridge 20 years ago in radio and marketing.

    How I Do Dorchester: Visiting any of the museums and one of our many restaurants. I have too many favorites to name just one.

    Hidden Gem: The people.

  • Omeaka Jackson
    Founder, Harvesting Hope Youth and Family Wellness, Inc.

    I joined the board because I think it’s important for local businesses & youth to connect. Our youth will be future employees & business owners. We strengthen our businesses by preparing future business owners & employees for the workforce in their local & global communities.


    Omeaka is a two-time come-here. She first moved to Cambridge from Bronx, NY in the 70s. She came back to open a mental health practice that has expanded into a small non-profit group. 

    How I do Dorchester: I love being outdoors and enjoying the beautiful scenery. The water calls me from crewing on Jitterbug, walking/riding my bike to Gerry Boyle Park to taking the scenic drive to Hooper's Island. I enjoy improving my gardening skills and sharing the fruits of my labor with family, friends, and neighbors. Some of my favorite places to take family and out of town friends are the Hyatt, Harriet Tubman State Park, Harriet Tubman mural, and Black Water Refuge. 

    Hidden Gem: Our very own "coastal highway" driving down to Hooper's Island. It's breathtaking. 

    Water moves me to ... have inner balance, peace and gratitude


  • Eddie James
    Koski Enterprises

    As a lifelong resident of Dorchester County, I have seen a lot of ups and downs with good and bad times. I feel I can contribute to the County thru the Chamber and serving on the board provides me with a great opportunity to give back to the community to   create growth and to strengthen the community where I live.

    Born and raised in Dorchester County, Eddie has worked for Hurlock-based Koski Enterprises - a family company he runs with his sister - for 20 years. 

    How I Do Dorchester: An ideal day is a Sunday relaxing in my yard at home or going Downtown to eat out at one of Cambridge's great restaurants like Theo's. One of my favorite places to take visitors is Suicide Bridge Restaurant; it's close to where we live and the food is always good.

    Hidden gems: Dorchester's quiet living and peacefulness are one of our greatest assets.


  • Denny Jones
    Director & President, Dorchester Chamber Foundation
    Atlantic Tractor

    I joined the Chamber Board as a way to give back to the community that has helped my own family business grow here in Dorchester. The  Chamber is a great vehicle for growth and change in local business and I'm proud to be a part of it.


    Denny is a fourth-generation salesman at a company his great grandfather started in Dorchester county, which has evolved into a 11-store dealership across Delmarva.

    How I Do Dorchester: An ideal day in Dorchester would involve taking my family out on the boat, fishing in the Choptank or just exploring. When the weather turns too cold to be on the water, I enjoy some of the best waterfowl hunting in the country. 

    I like to take out of town guests to RAR or down to the Hyatt. It's always surprising to them the hidden gems we have in our county. 

    Hidden Gem: I think some of the more unique places in our county are found in South Dorchester wetlands. 

    Water moves me ... to fish, float and slow down. 



  • Tracy Tyler
    Business Consultant and Executive Coach
    TiLT Business Advisors, LLC

    "I am truly honored to be part of the Chamber Board.  Dorchester County is a special place to work and live” Tracy said. “I am excited to have the opportunity to work with the Chamber to make a positive impact on the community."


    Tracy moved to Cambridge in 1970 when her mother and step-dad were married.

    How I Do Dorchester. An ideal day is outside. enjoying nature on land or on the water. Last summer my husband, Ed and I were watching our son sail in a race on the Choptank River. As we sat on the riverbank and cheered him on, I looked at Ed and said, “People pay to vacation here...how lucky are we to live here?” One of my favorite places to take out of town guests in Dorchester is Downtown to stroll through the shops and enjoy a great meal at one of the many restaurants.

    Hidden Gem: The people. I have travelled all over the world, but have never met as many hard working, kind and genuine people than I have found in Dorchester.

    Water moves me to … enjoy being outside!

  • Andréa Vernot
    Place Brander & Story Teller
    Choptank Communications

    After looking for a waterfront home for 25 years, Andrea and her husband Brent moved to the Neck in 2012 and started their marketing business.

    How I Do Dorchester. An ideal day starts with yoga on my deck overlooking the Choptank

    (weather permitting!) followed by coffee with friends at Black Water Bakery. In the afternoon, we’d bike to Ragged Point. Depending on the season, we’ll steam crabs caught off our dock or have an oyster roast over the fire pit with Chesapeake Golds. One of my favorite places to take out of town guests is Wildlife Drive at Blackwater NWR followed by lunch at RAR and a visit to Michael Rosato’s Take My Hand mural on the side of the Harriet Tubman Museum.

    Hidden Gem: Soft & Salty’s

    Water moves me to … celebrate the power of place


  • Blake Whitten
    Financial Advisor/Business Owner
    Whitten Retirement Solutions


    Having grown up in Dorchester, Blake spent time outside the County and realized he wanted to serve the residents of his hometown and the Eastern Shore.

    How I Do Dorchester. An ideal day would find me hunting or fishing one of the beautiful waterways, followed by an authentic Dorchester meal of crabs, soft shells or rockfish. I love to take guests out on the water. Whether hunting, fishing or a pleasure cruise, it gives me a renewed appreciation of what we can sometimes take for granted, day in and day out.

    Hidden Gem: The endless miles of backroads and the many different things you can see all in one county!

    Water moves me to … Experience life outside!