• Chamber of Commerce Committees

  • Chamber committees provide a great way for members to help support the mission of The Dorchester Chamber of Commerce. Committee members are responsible for providing input on the operations of the Chamber and supporting the work of the staff. Committee makeup and duties are decided by the Chairman of the Board of Directors and committee Chairman in consultation with the staff. If you are a Chamber Member and would like to serve on one or more committees, please reach out to Bill Christopher at 410-228-3575 or Bill@DorchesterChamber.org.

    Strategic Planning Committee—This committee is responsible for the annual planning meeting, creating a deliverable from the meeting (Plan of Work) and assuring adherence to plan. Meets 2–3 times per year

    Nominating Committee—This committee is responsible for nominating new members to the board and to ensure diversity in skills and industries on the board. Meets 2–3 times per year.

    By Laws Committee—This committee reviews the by-laws once a year to ensure that adherence to the by-laws and suggest any changes to the board. Meets once a year unless there are changes recommended.

    Signature Events Strategy Committee—This committee is responsible for determining which events the Chamber Board should consider by reviewing possible new events and recommending which existing events are no longer meeting Chamber Vision/Mission. Meets 1-2 times a year.

    Finance Committee—This committee is responsible for the monitoring and reporting of Chamber finances. The committee is also responsible for the development of multi-year financial plans to support the strategic plan of the Chamber to be approved by the Board of Directors. Meets 8–10 times per year

    Membership/Ambassador Committee—This committee is focused on acquiring new members and is responsible for retention of members by welcoming and assimilating new members to Chamber functions as well as both visiting and surveying members throughout the year. Meets monthly. 

    Chamber Events Committee - There is a committee established for each of the signature events: Ice & Oyster Fest, Annual Dinner, Cambridge Classic Powerboat Regatta, and Golf Tournament—These committees are responsible for working with staff liaisons on the execution of the assigned event. Each committee meets as needed.

    Government Affairs—Monitors business related government activities at the local, state and national levels. The Committee works to maintain a continuing dialogue with public officials and will develop plans to influence policies and regulations that aid in the creation of opportunities for job creation, business growth and new market links for members. Meets as needed. (Weekly during legislative Session)

    Business Affairs and Development Committee—Develops and fosters collaboration across multiple organizations in Dorchester County in order to stimulate and promote growth within the business community. The committee will work with the various organizations supporting economic development in Dorchester County to ensure leadership in the current business community is accessible and utilized in creating future growth. Develops and defines educational seminars reflecting current needs and interests
    of the existing membership. Meets as needed.

    Education Committee—Addresses educational issues, topics, and initiatives relevant to all levels of education in our community. Creates partnerships between educational institutions and community based organizations and businesses. Meets Monthly.

    Marketing Committee- The objective of the committee is to promote Chamber awareness and increase community engagement. Meets as needed. 

    Past President’s Club—This group is made up of Past Presidents of the Chamber of Commerce and meets once a year to review strategic plans and overall direction of the Chamber. Meets Annually.