• Recent Webinars

  • Covid-19 Dorchester County Business Update

  • On January 8th the Business Resource Group provided an update on Covid.   You can download the slides from the webinar by Clicking Here

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    2021 Legislative Preview

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  • We were joined on November 18th for our 2021 Legislative Preview by all four of our State Representatives: Senator Addie Eckardt, Delegates Christopher Adams, Johnny Mautz and Speaker Pro Tem Sheree Sample–Hughes. We had a great conversation about several key issues our members will be facing in 2021.

    You can Click Here to watch a recording of the event. 


  • Recent Ribbon Cuttings

  • Avenues Recovery Center at Eastern Shore

    December 21, 2020

  • Avenues Recovery Center is hosted a grand opening and ribbon-cutting ceremony for their new Avenues Recovery Center at Eastern Shore location. Avenues has gained renown nationwide for their unique community-based detox and residential substance abuse treatment programs.

    The new facility has been vacant for the last few years and previously served as a mental health facility. It has been extensively renovated and is now a beautiful modern campus. The 40,000 square foot facility and 7.75 acre grounds are located immediately adjacent to a small lake and contain a variety of amenities and activities beneficial to recovery. Game rooms, lounges, baseball fields, basketball courts, large indoor gym, volleyball, yoga space, and a slew of other resources are just a sampling of what is available.

    Joe Weisbord, Executive Director, spoke about the importance of a new residential facility during the Coronavirus pandemic. “At the heart of long term treatment and recovery is connection,” Weisbord said, “lack of connection during lockdowns and quarantine have been a driver of the large uptick in relapses and overdoses, Avenues is ready to take that challenge head on.”

    Click here for information on Avenues.

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