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  • Scholarship History        

    In October of 2000 the first Board Meeting for the Dorchester Chamber Foundation was held.  The stated goal was to support the school systems of Dorchester County and support the education programs that would benefit the residents and businesses in the County. In 2003 The Dorchester Chamber Foundation, received 501(c)3 status allowing for donations to the Foundation to be tax deductible.  The Scholarship was established to provide additional educational funding for family members of the Dorchester Chamber of Commerce Members that were going to pursue degrees in Business. 

    In 2016 the Board of Directors revised the guidelines for the scholarship to expand the targeted recipients to include anyone pursuing education in a certified program that is planning to return to Dorchester County to work once their studies are complete.  Also in 2016 the Dorchester Chamber Foundation received grants from the George B Todd Fund, the Care & Share Fund of Dorchester County and Koski Enterprises Inc. to expand the number of scholarship offered.  

    In 2019 we offered the first Richard L. Nagel Scholarship.  It is awarded to a student that plans to become an educator in Dorchester County.  In 2020 we offered the first Gerry Boyle Scholarship to honor Gerry who worked tirelessly to get the program expanded starting in 2016 until his death in 2019.

    The Dorchester Chamber Foundation has received significant grants from the George B. Todd Fund of the Mid-Shore Community Foundation, Koski Enterprises, McDonalds, The Nagel Family, Crescent Cities Charities, the Care & Share Fund of Dorchester and several donors who chose to remain anonymous. We also received great support from the community in the form of direct donations to the scholarship fund and support for the fund-raising activities we hold throughout the year. 

    The Foundation has awarded over $195,000 in scholarships since 2016. 

    In 2024 we will be offering the following Scholarships:

    • Jason T. Wise
    • Gerry Boyle
    • George B. Todd
    • Richard L. Nagel
    • Koski Enterprises
    • Care and Share of Dorchester County


    Scholarship Qualifications

    The objective of the Foundation Scholarship Program is to further each recipient's education at a certified college, professional, technical, vocational or business school that will result in enhancing the recipient's ability to have a positive impact on the Dorchester County Business Community.  The Award is $1,000 a year for up to four years of study.


    Candidates to be considered will meet the following:

    • The applicant is a Member of the Dorchester Chamber of Commerce or an employee of a Member of the Dorchester Chamber of Commerce – or – A parent or a grandparent is a Member of the Dorchester Chamber of Commerce or an employee of a Member of the Dorchester Chamber of Commerce.  The Chamber Member must be a full member and in good standing for at least a year prior to the candidate applying for the scholarship
    • Applicant is Dorchester County resident that plans to stay in, or return to, Dorchester County once their studies are complete.
    • Applicant will be 16 - 21 years of age.
    • Applicant may already be enrolled in the program at time of application.
    • Applicant will consistently have demonstrated the following qualities in school, in the community, or on the job: Student should possess a good attitude, excellent attendance record, enthusiasm, reliability, punctuality, community involvement, a good work ethic, and a successful academic record.


    Scholarship awards may be spent at either in-state or out-of-state institutions. Awards will be paid directly to the institutions. Scholarship recipients must request the award annually by providing evidence to the Chamber of having maintained a 2.0 GPA or equivalent and still maintaining commitment to remain in Dorchester County. Scholarship payments will end after awarded amount is delivered, or if the recipient discontinues the program at any time.

    Scholarship Timeline

    November 1, 2023- Application process opens
    February 16, 2024 - Application Deadline
    March 2024 - Finalist Named
    March 2024 - Finalist Interviews with Selection Committee
    April 2024 - Scholars Announced

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