• Executive Committee

  • Joel
  • Joel Bunde
    Hyatt Regency Chesapeake Bay Resort

    As the General Manager of the Hyatt Regency, I want to uphold Hyatt’s high standards of supporting our local communities, not only in philanthropy, but for all business development, for the better of everyone in Dorchester County. 

  • M-Fryer-Headshot-w200.jpg
  • Max Fryer
    Folger Nolan Fleming Douglas

    As an acting member of the board of directors, I am proud to be able to serve and assist businesses in our community and help find ways for them to continue to excel.

  • Nagel_Lori.JPG-w200.jpg
  • Lori Nagel
    Immediate Past Chairman
    Whitten Insurance Servcies

    I am grateful for my time on the Board and the business connections it has allowed me to make.



  • Baugh_Sarah-w200-w198-w198.jpg
  • Sarah Baugh
    Vice Chairman
    MDSW Law

    Serving on the Board, and by extension, involvement with the Chamber, is a wonderful opportunity to monitor, support and promote business and legislative development both in Dorchester County and the State.



  • Hubbard_Jeff-w215-w223.jpg
  • Jeff Hubbard 
    Vice Chairman
    Past President
    Lane Engineering

    Being a Dorchester Chamber of Commerce Board member is a great way to give something back to our community.