• Experience Matters- Dr. Doran reaches 1,000th robotic surgery milestone

    Dr. William Doran recently reached an historic milestone by completing his 1,000th Mako procedure.

    SEAFORD –William Doran, DO, FAAOS, orthopedic surgeon and joint replacement specialist of TidalHealth Orthopedics in Seaford, DE, recently reached an historic surgical milestone with his 1,000th joint replacement using Mako robotic technology.

    Dr. Doran, who pioneered the use of Mako robotics for precision hip and knee joint replacement on Delmarva, is the first surgeon in Delaware to reach 1,000 Mako joint replacements and is, by far, the most experienced in the area with this technology. Since introducing the Mako system at TidalHealth Nanticoke in 2018, he has performed more robotics procedures in the state than any other surgeon.

    “Mako robotic arm assisted surgery is a tool that helps surgeons produce consistent results with each operation,” said Dr. Doran, who has also trained and mentored other orthopedic surgeons in Mako techniques. “It limits the unnecessary removal of irreplaceable bone, thereby producing a safer procedure for the patient.”

    State-of-the-art Mako robotics and its three-dimensional imaging software permits surgeons, like Dr. Doran, to intricately remove the diseased joint to within sub millimeters of accuracy, providing a custom fit for each patient.

    “Mako is precision surgery that preserves bone and protects each patient,” added Dr. Doran.

    Dr. Doran also credits his patients’ success to the team around him. His office staff go through extensive measures to ensure that patients are informed and prepared for their procedure. Additionally, the pre-operative and surgical teams are expertly trained to assist in the use of the Mako robot. Furthermore, the nursing staff and physical therapists assist with patients post-operatively. “We’re a team performing as one to ensure a seamless experience for our patients and their families,” he said.

    “Ultimately, the choice to have joint replacement surgery is up to each patient and family,” Dr. Doran said. “However, when quality of life is being sacrificed, and when opportunities to do the things you love are lost- that is the time to consider having the operation that can help you live your life to its fullest once again.”

    As impressive as this milestone is, Dr. Doran says he has just scratched the surface of Mako procedures. “At the current rate,” he added, “we are on track to reach 2,000 Mako joint procedures by early 2025.”

    To learn more about Dr. Doran and the benefits of Mako robotic joint replacement surgery, or if you believe you are a candidate for joint replacement surgery, please visit the TidalHealth website at www.tidalhealth/orthopedics.