• Covid-19/Coronavirus Information

  • The goal of this page is to provide you with links to several resources to help you navigate Covid-19.  We will add new information and links as we are made aware of them.  If you have any questions with any of the content or suggestions for additional content please contact us at Bill@dorchesterchamber.org

    Dorchester County Opens New Round of Grants for Restaurants

    Funds to support Dorchester County restaurants that have experienced a COVID-19 disruption. Printable applications will be available on the Economic Development Website or in paper form at the Dorchester County Council’s Office, County Office Building, 501 Court Lane, Room 108, Cambridge, Maryland 21613.  Applications must be dropped off in person at the County Council Office, Room 108 during the hours of 8:30AM.-4:00PM. NO EMAIL APPLICATIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED. GRANT APPLICATION DEADLINE: February 22, 2021.  Click her for more details and application.


    The Maryland RELIEF ACT has been passed and signed by the Governor.  The following is a summary of Business specific parts of the Bill:

    • IMMEDIATE SALES TAX CREDITS FOR SMALL BUSINESSES The RELIEF Act makes a nearly $200 million commitment to supporting small businesses with sales tax credits of up to $3,000 per month for three months—for a total of up to $9,000. This relief will directly help more than 55,000 Maryland small businesses. This relief is automatic and based on a sliding scale up to $3,000. For example, if you are a business with $100,000 in monthly revenue and you collect $6,000 in sales taxes, you only remit $3,000. If you have $50,000 in monthly revenue and you collect $3,000 in sales taxes, you keep all $3,000.
    • UNEMPLOYMENT TAX RELIEF FOR SMALL BUSINESSES On December 10, Governor Hogan issued an executive order to prevent small businesses from facing major increases in their unemployment taxes. Under this order, an employer’s 2021 tax rate will be calculated based on their non-pandemic experience by excluding the 2020 fiscal year, and instead by using the last three fiscal years of 2017, 2018, and 2019. A change in law is necessary to enable this policy to remain in place beyond the state of emergency. Combined, the executive order and the RELIEF Act provide $326 million in relief. In addition, it would allow small businesses and nonprofits with fewer than 50 employees to defer unemployment insurance tax payments in calendar year 2021 to January 2022.
    • COVID-19 LOAN AND GRANT FORGIVENESS, ADDITIONAL RELIEF FUNDS The RELIEF Act’s loan and grant forgiveness plan would safeguard Maryland business owners against any tax increase triggered by the use of state loan or grant funds. This relief would come at a net zero cost to the state while saving businesses an estimated $36 million. The RELIEF Act also includes an additional $500 million in new funding for programs and grants for businesses and nonprofits, housing, health, unemployment insurance, energy assistance, education, and human services.

    You can find details about the Act on Comptroller Franchot's web page.

    Click here to review current Executive Orders from Governor Hogan.  

    For more information about the disease and to stay current on issues around the US and other Countries the Center for Disease Control (CDC) offers a lot of good information.

    Here is a link to a list being maintained by Dorchester County Tourism for status of restaurants, lodging and shops in the County:  https://visitdorchester.org/visitor-info-during-the-pandemic/ If you have any additions or changes to the list please reach out to the Chamber or Tourism and we will work to get it updated.

    There are posters and forms that can be helpful for your organization and some are required.  Here is the link to our current list for you to view and download.  We will print copies for free for our members.  Just let us know which ones you need.  If you find other signs you feel will be helpful let us know and we will get them added.

    If you have any questions or suggestions for additional information for us to share with our members, please let us know.  Working together as a community we will get pass this and become stronger for it.