• 2020 Local Election

    The Dorchester Chamber of Commerce understands the impact our local elected officials have on the community and our ability to grow.  To help the voting public get to know the candidates better we sent them questions submitted by Chamber Members.  Questions were sent to all 23 candidates running for local office.  17 in the City of Cambridge and 6 for Dorchester County Board of Education.  We also sent questions submitted by the FOP for the City of Cambridge Candidates. 

    There are several links below.  The first are for the questions that were sent to the Candidates.  Those links are followed by links for the responses provided by the candidates for the questions grouped by position for which they are running.   Please take time to review the responses as you make your decision to vote.  

    Click here to review the 16 Questions for candidates running for office in City of Cambridge

    Click here to review the 10 Questions for Dorchester County Board of Education

    Click here to review the Questions submitted by the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP)

    Responses for City of Cambridge Candidates - click on the link to access the responses by position:

    The City list below has been updated post the October 17th election - 3 positions were decided during that vote and 3 have been sent to run off vote on December 1.  

  • Mayor - Run off

    Andrew Bradshaw
    Victoria Jackson-Stanley

    Ward 1

    Brian Roche - Elected

    Ward 2 Run off

    Lajan Natasha Cephas
    Donald Sydnor

  • Ward 3 Run Off

    Gary T. Gordy - Did not respond
    Jameson Harrington

    Ward 4

    Sputty Cephas - Elected (No responses to review)

    Ward 5

    Chad Malkus - Elected

  • Responses for Dorchester County Board of Education - click links to access responses:

    District 1

    Phil Bramble - Did not respond
    Mike D. Diaz

    District 3

    Susan Morgan
    Philip W. Rice

    District 5

    Laura Hill Layton
    Voncia L. Molock - Did not respond


    Responses to Fraternal Order of Police Questions provided to City of Cambridge Candidates -

    Click links to access responses: