• TidalHealth Announces Team Members of the Year
    SALISBURY & SEAFORD — TidalHealth is pleased to announce the following four Team Members of the Year:
    Kasey Moore, RN

    Kasey was born at TidalHealth Nanticoke and her dedication to the organization is evident from her 10 years of perfect attendance. She started her career as a Medical Surgical nurse, then transferred to the Operating Room where she was recently promoted to the role of Charge Nurse. Kasey has earned the respect of the physicians and staff and is an excellent resource not only for the department but also for other areas of the hospital.
    Cheryl Agan
    Cheryl Agan of Nursing Administration is TidalHealth Nanticoke’s 2022 Professional/Administrative Team Member of the Year.
    Cheryl has a history of over 32 years with TidalHealth Nanticoke and her dedication does not go unnoticed. She is always willing to help team members in any way possible. She was nominated by a fellow team member for going above and beyond to help them with payroll education and troubleshooting.
    Amanda Twilley, RN
    Amanda Twilley of Endoscopy is TidalHealth Peninsula Regional’s 2022 Nursing Division Team Member of the Year.
    Amanda is extremely knowledgeable in both the Gastroenterology and Pulmonary aspects of Endoscopy. When she serves as one of the department's charge nurses, staff know things will run smoothly as possible. She remains calm and has a great working relationship with all members of the department.

    Demetris Bennett
    Demetris Bennett of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation is TidalHealth Peninsula Regional’s 2022 Professional/Administrative Team Member of the Year.
    Demetris has been with Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation for 23 years and has made a tremendous impact on the team and its patients. He performs all duties with the biggest smile and a positive attitude, which remains for the duration of each day. He connects with patients in a way that puts their minds at ease and can get even the most complex patients to feel more comfortable working with therapy. Patients look forward to his kind and caring personality and often ask for him by name.