• Energy Coop - SCAM ALERT

    Attention All Chambers
    Over the last four days there has been a rash fraudulent attempts to switch customers to another supplier. They are saying they are from the utility company BGE, Potomac Edison, etc. and they want to verify their account. When the individuals are told the agreement they have is through the chamber, they are saying “Yes, we are too”.  If they get a glance at a bill, they leave and call the third party supplier trying to obtain information to make the switch.
    All of our suppliers have precautions in place so that if anyone other than the verified owner or CQI calls, no information is given and CQI is immediately notified.
    There appears to be two companies doing this, Champion and UES. Please pass the word to your members.
    1. If someone comes in asking for anything dealing with their utility bill, DO NOT GIVE THEM ANYTHING.  
    2. Try to get a copy of any information, badge numbers, picture of the person or persons.
    3. Notify CQI immediately.
    4. Submit a complaint to the Public Service Commission. https://www.psc.state.md.us/online-complaints/