• Community Listening Session on Combining IRONMAN and Eagleman in 2024

    Community Listening Session to be held on Proposed Combination of the Ironman and Eagleman Events Into An Ironman Festival Weekend Starting in June of 2024

        The City of Cambridge and Dorchester County are jointly hosting a community listening session to receive input on a proposal to combine the IRONMAN Maryland and Eagleman events into an IRONMAN Festival Weekend starting in 2024.

        The listening session will be held in the Cambridge City Council Chambers at 305 Gay Street on Monday, March 20 from 6-7:30 pm This meeting is open to the public and anyone who wishes to offer input, suggestions, concerns, or ideas is welcome to attend.

        Dorchester County and the City of Cambridge have partnered to host the Ironman since 2014, and both local governments are party to a contract with the IRONMAN Group detailing the terms of this highly successful partnership. In 2022, the Ironman events had a total economic impact of $12.26 million.

        The agreement between the parties lasts through 2023, and the City and County are in discussions to renew the partnership for another five years. Recently, representatives from the IRONMAN Group asked local officials to consider combining both the Ironman Maryland and Eagleman events into the same weekend in June starting in 2024. Under this proposal, the full-length Ironman Maryland would be held on the second Saturday in June and the Eagleman would be held the next day, or both events would be held concurrently on the Saturday of that same weekend. Such a festival weekend would have several benefits, but the change could lessen the economic impact, and strain volunteer and public safety resources.

        Officials from the City of Cambridge and Dorchester County expressed concerns about the proposal but agreed to solicit public comment. The listening session on March 20th will be the first opportunity for members of the public to offer thoughts and concerns about the proposal to combine the Ironman Maryland and Eagleman events in 2024.

        It is important to note the 2023 events are already scheduled and will be held on their usual weekends. The Eagleman Event is scheduled for June 11, 2023, and the Ironman Maryland Event for this year is already set for September 16, 2023.