• Coastal Hospice Announces New Advanced Cardiac Care Program, a Resource that Combats Heart Failure

    Salisbury, MD – September, 8, 2023 – Coastal Hospice, in collaboration with the American Heart Association (AHA) and the National Partnership for Healthcare and Hospice Innovation (NPHI) today announces the Advanced Cardiac Care (ACC) Program to address one of the nation’s largest killers of Americans – heart disease.
    Each year, more Americans die from heart disease than any other condition, including cancer. Heart disease is also a leading cause for hospitalization: patients with congestive heart failure alone account for more than one million inpatient admissions annually.
    Our program will improve quality and access to hospice and palliative/advanced illness care for heart patients and keep them from dying alone in hospitals. The patient and caregiver handbook helps avert multiple hospital and emergency room visits that are a huge source of stress for the patient, their family, and the medical facility.
    Dr. Stacy Cottingham, Special Programs Access Liaison RN and head of the Coastal Hospice Cardiac Care Program commented, “Every family including yours is affected by Heart Disease and Heart Failure. Tragically, many heart failure patients spend days, weeks, or sometime months in hospital ICUs and eventually die alone. Our in-home care is the answer and is our mission—allowing a far better quality of life for our patients and families.”
    The Cardiac Care Program will launch on Monday, September 18th. To learn more about our program and for copies of the Patient and Caregiver Handbook, you may download them here. Individuals can request a printed copy by calling 410-742-7878 or ask your provider about contacting Coastal Hospice.
    About Coastal Hospice
    Founded in 1980, Coastal Hospice is a nonprofit health care organization that cares for individuals facing life-limiting conditions but who want to remain as active and engaged as possible. Coastal Hospice cares for patients in their home, assisted living, nursing home, Coastal Hospice at the Lake or the Macky & Pam Stansell House. The organization serves Wicomico, Worcester, Dorchester, and Somerset counties. To learn more about Coastal Hospice, please visit www.coastalhospice.org

    Contact Information
    Special Programs Access Liaison RN and head of the Coastal Hospice Cardiac Care Program
    Dr. Stacy Cottingham, 410-742-8732 ext. 625 | scottingham@coastalhospice.org
    Media Contact:
    Alejandra Lazcano, 410-742-8732 ext. 541 | alazcano@coastalhospice.org