Choptank Community Health System (CCHS) remains committed to serving the medical and dental needs of our community. For 40-years, our focus has always been on improving the health of our Eastern Shore Community. To further assist existing patients and members of our community, currently without primary care, we are now offering video telehealth appointments through Google Duo. These visits feature end-to-end encryption for a secure connection between our medical providers and our patients. 

    As the COVID-19 situation developed, Choptank Community Health executed our emergency plans to meet the demand for COVID-19 services and implemented drive-up triage and testing at all Health Center locations, except for our Easton Pediatrics location. CCHS continues to provide world-class healthcare for all and will now further innovate by making video appointments and telephone check-ins available to all patients in need of primary medical care. New patients are also encouraged to establish care with CCHS via a video appointment. 

    While in-person access to our health centers is currently limited, and Maryland restricts access to elective and non-urgent procedures, Choptank Health is leveraging existing technology to bring primary medical care directly to our patient’s home, via video visits with Google Duo. Patients are encouraged to call their local health centers where staff are available to assist with scheduling, sign-up, and any questions. Patients who have completed video visits enjoyed the ease of having a routine medical appointment in the comfort of their own home. 

    Jonathan Forte, Chief Operating Officer at Choptank Health, stated, “As Coronavirus continues to impact our region, healthcare providers can help our community adapt. We must all practice social distancing and attempt to stop the spread of COVID-19. By enabling video visits, our patients can continue to rely on Choptank Community Health System and see a medical provider from the comfort and safety of their own home.” 

    Choptank Community Health System encourages our community to be prepared, stay calm and stay home. Patients should contact their local Choptank Health Center with any questions about potential symptoms or appointments. Existing patients are encouraged to keep their next scheduled appointment & download the Google Duo app today. Together we will work to keep our Eastern Shore community healthy and safe. For the latest updates, please follow Choptank Health on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.  
    About Choptank Community Health System Choptank Community Health System, Inc.
    (CCHS), is a private, non-profit, Community Health Center providing access to affordable, comprehensive medical, dental and behavioral health care services in Caroline, Dorchester, and Talbot Counties on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. The mission of CCHS is to provide access to exceptional, comprehensive and integrated health care for all. All CCHS offices and program sites are accredited and certified as Primary Care Medical Homes by the Joint Commission. In 2019, CCHS provided care for over 29,915 patients throughout all six (6) health center locations, school-based wellness centers and migratory agricultural worker clinics. In October 2019, CCHS opened a new, comprehensive health and pediatric dental center located in Denton, Maryland. This year, CCHS celebrates 40 years of providing high quality, equitable health care to our community! Visit www.choptankhealth.org and “Come See How Healthy You Can Be.”  
    If you would like additional information about this release, please contact Jonathan Forte at 410-310-0837, or via email at jforte@choptankhealth.org.