• Cambridge Spy launches to cover arts, culture, and public affairs in city and around Dorchester Coun

    The Cambridge Spy (https://cambridgespy.org) joins the Chestertown Spy and the Talbot Spy as the latest in a network of non-profit educational websites dedicated to providing essential local public affairs coverage while celebrating the arts and culture of the communities served.

    Today, the Spy readership stands at over 600,000 a year who visit its sites at least once. That also translates into close to 4 million pages of content consumed during that period.

    “I am grateful for this remarkable level of support and the trust our readers have in our intentions and genuine care for these Mid-Shore communities,” Dave Wheelan, publisher and editor of the Cambridge Spy, said. “I hope in time that the same level of trust will be replicated in Cambridge as well.”

    To get the latest public affairs, arts, culture, and commentary for Cambridge and Dorchester County, sign up for a free daily Cambridge Spy Intelligence Report at www.cambridgespy.org or follow the Cambridge Spy on Facebook.
    “I also am pleased and proud to say that we've found the perfect partner to work with as we begin this vital work,” Wheelan said. “For years, the Spy and WHCP Community Radio have been supportive friends. From the moment former NPR technology executive Mike Starling told us of his plans for WHCP, we realized we were driven with the same mission.”

    Both the Spy and WHCP are devoted to providing free access to Cambridge's important news and highlights using the power of local volunteer talent, a nonpartisan philosophy, and a nonprofit business model that ensures community oversight and stewardship.

    While WHCP and the Spy are still working out their collaboration's finer points, you will already see signs of this unique media cooperation. The radio station is already running the Spy's very popular "From and Fuller" political analysis podcast, and the Spy has teamed up with WHCP board member Pastor Cesar Gonzalez in interviewing candidates for Cambridge's mayoral runoff election in December.

    The Spy does not seek to replace Cambridge's highly regarded legacy news outlets, including the Banner and the Dorchester Star, but instead — as it has done in Talbot and Kent County — augment their meaningful role with the creative and long-form use of multimedia and video that the internet can now provide.

    “We also know that we will fail in our mission without the full engagement of the community we intend to serve,” Wheelan said. “We, therefore, ask that the residents of Cambridge and Dorchester County see the Spy as a portal for unique points of view, commentary, as well as prose and poetry.

    “It is an honor and a responsibility to begin the Cambridge Spy,” Wheelan said. “Speaking on behalf of our spy network, we hope to earn your confidence and support in the months and years ahead.”

    Local organizations may submit press releases to

    Area writers are invited to submit their work, including commentary on local, state, and national matters, to dave@spycommunitymedia.org.