• Bonnie Willey is TidalHealth’s 3rd Quarter 2022 MacGyver Award Recipient

    Bonnie Willey is TidalHealth’s 3rd Quarter 2022 MacGyver Award Recipient
    SALISBURY — TidalHealth is pleased to announce that Bonnie Willey, LBSW, of Community Wellness at TidalHealth Peninsula Regional has been selected as the 3rd Quarter 2022 recipient of the MacGyver Award. This award recognizes TidalHealth social workers and licensed professional counselors who contribute a positive image to their profession.
    Bonnie is dependable and compassionate. She eagerly engages in every situation where she could be of service to a patient or a coworker. Recently, Bonnie has found multiple community resources for new mothers who are struggling with medical and mental health symptoms, as well as resource needs and homelessness.
    Bonnie demonstrates unconditional positive regard toward all her patients and the support she offers makes others feel genuinely supported. Her empathy and community connections appear bottomless. She provides guidance and direction to her team and the Population Health department, often coming up with new and ingenious solutions that no one had previously thought of.
    Bonnie is known for her positive and supportive personality, and she always approaches challenges with a teamwork perspective. She utilizes her impressive community resources to collaborate for the creation of partnerships that will help support our patients and our community. She has made a practice of going the extra mile.
    Bonnie is a perfect example of what a social worker should be. Her work constantly demonstrates the heart of TidalHealth for our community and is constantly a source of impressive solutions that we provide for the people we serve and live alongside.
    Please join us in congratulating Bonnie on this outstanding achievement.