• Attention Delmarva Power Community and Governmental Partners!

    As supply chain issues continue to evolve, we want to provide you with an update regarding the impact to Delmarva Power and our sister Exelon utilities. Like many companies, utilities are seeing supply chain delays and material shortages stemming from the long-term impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, along with other macro-economic events. These challenges are causing longer lead times for equipment, including the devices required to support new energy infrastructure projects.

    Please be assured that we remain committed to providing safe and reliable service for all our valued customers. As we continue to respond to this situation, we are working to ensure that we have access to materials and equipment to support response to storms and to complete work on the local energy grid when material requires replacement due to damage or end-of-life. We have established a Material Task Force to ensure ongoing monitoring and real-time response.

    Mitigation Efforts
    As part of the Exelon utilities, we are leveraging specific benefits, including securing materials and equipment from our sister companies where possible. We are also engaged with our extensive mutual response network to access additional supplies, if needed, in response to major storm events. We are looking at innovative sourcing opportunities through safely recycling, rebuilding and repurposing equipment, and we are working to share critical components with other utility companies and with our preferred contractors. Delmarva Power is also asking suppliers to send partial shipments of components when possible. We are also evaluating ordering materials and equipment earlier in the engineering process and may request deposits from customers to secure required materials and equipment.

    While we already have a broad supplier base, we have aggressively moved to further diversify the number of suppliers we use. Our Material Task Force is monitoring market conditions, inventory, deliveries and purchases. In consideration of all customers and conditions, we continue to review projects to make informed decisions on prioritization, with considerations including storm restoration; damaged and end-of-life equipment replacement and new projects.

    Customer Engagement
    While we are doing everything possible to mitigate the impact of these shortages, we are notifying customers to anticipate delays in new projects. We understand the inconvenience these supply chains issues may cause for our customers, and we ask for patience and understanding of our customers as we, like other companies in all industrial, manufacturing and service sectors across the country, work through these challenges. 

    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Continue to be safe.