• 1880 Bank supports Junior Achievement

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    February 04, 2019
    On Friday, January 25th, Junior Achievement of the Eastern Shore delivered their JA Our
    Community® program to the entire 2nd-grade class at Maple Elementary School thanks to a
    generous donation of time and money from 1880 Bank. In addition to sponsoring the grade level
    at Maple Elementary, 1880 Bank also provided four volunteers to help teach the program:
    Judann Culver, Crystal Rodgers, Lawson Newcomb, and KC Morris.
    Junior Achievement’s JA Our Community® program teaches students how people work
    together in communities, how people earn money from the jobs they have, and how to be
    responsible citizens by displaying positive actions and contributing to the needs of their
    community. Students also get their “first job” by playing the donut game where they learn about
    the production of goods. The program also allows students to vote for the first time which
    reinforces a lesson on decision making and majorities. Finally, the students are assigned
    different careers where they learn about the different roles in a community and will then pay
    their taxes for the first time. The lesson seeks to show students that taxes are used to pay for
    people to keep our community safe, like firefighters and police officers.
    One volunteer, Lawson Newcomb said, “the whole experience, I felt for both the kids and me,
    was enjoyable and fun. The big ‘aha’ moment came when we started talking about taxes and
    government workers. They had no clue how these individuals got paid. They were convinced
    their bosses paid them! But, when they found out that the non-government employees, as well
    as the government employees, paid their salaries through paying taxes, they got it, especially
    when I took the money from them! That was a good lesson.”
    Junior Achievement of the Eastern Shore is a non-profit organization dedicated to educating
    youth, grades K-12 both public and private, on financial literacy, work readiness, and
    entrepreneurship. JA’s hands-on, age-appropriate programs inspire youth to live within their
    means, prepare for the world of work and understand the free enterprise system. JA’s programs
    are brought to life by local business members from the community. As an enhancement to what
    kids learn in school, JA is a direct link to real-life applications, making school relevant and
    increasing students’ engagement in the classroom.
    Junior Achievement served over 8,000 students in 6 counties on the Eastern Shore of Maryland
    in 2018.